Your audioguide for smartphones from 39,90€/mo

You will no longer have an excuse for not having an audioguide 2.0 in your center. With Audioguíame you can create yours easily, offer it to your visitors through our application, and all at an incredible price. Take advantage of this opportunity and increase the quality of your services: register and you can try everything without any cost or commitment


Principales características de la plataforma Audioguíame
iOS-Android aplication

iOS-Android aplication

Translated into 5 languages, with it your visitors can download and listen to the audio guide. Offline mode once downloaded. The audio guide is left on the device for further consultation

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Multimedia experience

Multimedia experience

Photography and +info buttom for each of the tracks, geolocation maps and promotional video. Free and intuitive web management. Integration with online ticketing systems

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Remote downloads of the audio guide. Different collection possibilities. You can record the audio guide in the languages you want. Very affordable prices and according to downloads. No fixed term

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Connection with social networks from the application. Your audio guide will appear in the "Nearby Guides" section of our application. Any tourist that uses it to listen to an audio guide in another center will know of its existence

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Por qué utilizar audioguíame

Estas son sólo algunas razones: pruébenos y verá que son muchas más
It allows you to join the world of guided tours and gather information about them, offering your visitors an improved experience, updated and adapted to new technologies, with a service of the best quality and reliability - the offline mode guarantees operation in any circumstance-, and all at very affordable prices.

The initial investment is minimal since you can easily record, test, manage and modify your audio guide, always having the contents uploaded to the platform, without having to buy any physical device. You can also finance with it by charging a small amount for the audio guide.

An audioguide for mobile devices with Audioguíame is a powerful digital marketing tool connected to Social Networks, which can be easily disseminated through current communication channels, thus enhancing its image, favoring the center's branding and improving the quality of its services.


Museos, monumentos, centros de interpretación, hoteles, touroperadores, agencias de viajes, bodegas, etc. En general, cualquier institución o centro susceptible de ofrecer una visita guiada puede crear su audioguía con nosotros. También se pueden crear audioguías de ciudades, de rutas turísticas e históricas, de ocio y restauración, así como audioguías para congresos. Piénselo, si tiene algo que contar a sus visitantes, con Audioguíame podrá hacerlo.


Puede elegir entre dos modalidades: Audioguíame y Audioguíame PRO.

month to month according to exact number of downloads

39,90 /mo

If you have 250 downloads in the month of your audio guide

€ 39,90

If you have 500 downloads in the month of your audio guide

€ 60,45

Flat rate with annual number of downloads

50 /mo

Annual flat rate with 9000 downloads included

50X12 = € 600 full year

Annual flat rate with 12000 downloads included

70X12 = € 840 full year


Lo mejor del sistema de descargas de la audioguía en los dispositivos móviles de los clientes combinado con la disponibilidad de unos dispositivos Android propios del centro que poder ofrecer o alquilar a los visitantes que no quieran o puedan utilizar los suyos. Sea cual sea la modalidad de Audioguíame que haya elegido, con Inplace podrá disponer de un producto total que cubrirá todas sus necesidades.

You can try it without any cost or commitment

Register and you will see how easy it is to create an audio guide for your center with our management website. You can check the quality of our product and see how your visitors would download it with our application


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