Translations and locutions

Translations of texts and audio recording in Spanish and / or other languages ​​by specialists

At Audioguíame we want to help you, not only that you can have an audio guide 2.0 for your center, but also that you can offer it in several languages ​​if you wish. Our team of translators and announcers will translate and record your audio guide to all the languages ​​you want.

You can consult the offers and production packages that we put at your disposal in the prices section of our website.

If you are interested, write to to explain your needs, we will give you a personalized quote.

Translations and automated recordings in other languages

If you prefer more affordable translations and recordings, we also offer you a service that does it automatically, through an external provider. You could also hire only the automatic voiceover, if you already have the translations; in both cases you will be surprised by its quality, it does not look like a machine. It has a cost of € 100 per language, in a single payment, and includes the translation of the text and the recording. These are some of the languages ​​we work with:

Inglés Británico



Inglés Americano










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