Prices for audioguide creation service

In Audioguíame we think that the price can not be the reason why a center can not have an audioguide to offer its visitors. For this reason we have worked hard to dispense with the traditional physical audioguides, which is mainly what makes the product more expensive, and to take advantage of the possibilities of the mobile devices of the visitors as support. Thanks to this, we can offer very tight prices and without competition.

In addition, with Audioguíame you can choose between two modes of payment:

  1. Monthly payment: you will pay monthly depending on the exact number of downloads you have each month, always counted from 250 downloads, which is the minimum.
  2. Flat rate: you pay for a full year, always the same monthly payment and with the advantage that you have a higher number of downloads counted for the full year.

Here are some examples of prices for a standard audio guide, up to 30 minutes long, which is offered free of charge to visitors (all without I.V.A.):

Monthly payment (designed for centers that have a stable number of visits per month)

250 downloads per month

500 downloads per month

750 downloads per month




* 250 downloads is the minimum price per month. Although it had fewer downloads, the monthly payment would still be € 39.90


Flat rate ** (designed for centers that want to always pay the same without worrying about the number of downloads from month to month)

9000 downloads per year

12000 downloads per year

15000 downloads per year

50€ month/600€ year

70€ month/840€ year

90€ month/1080€ year

**To accept the flat rate implies the annual payment of the rate

If you choose to charge your visitors an amount for downloading the audio guide

Our system also allows the centers to be financed and charged for the download of their audio guide. In this case you will only have to pay us a small commission of what you charge for each download, nothing more (without a monthly fee). For a standard audio guide of up to 30 minutes, the commission would be 20%. Of course, always keep in mind that the minimum price that we will always charge are € 39.90 per month.

To give some examples:

  • If you charge € 1 to download the audio guide and 150 people download it in the month, you enter € 150 and our commission would be 20%, that is, € 30 … as it stays below the minimum, we would charge you 39, 90€
  • If you charge € 1 for downloading an audio guide and 500 people download it, you enter € 500 and we charge you 20%, that is, € 100 … as you have exceeded the minimum, because that is what you pay us, € 100

If you have any doubts about the prices, or want to know them for other conditions (audioguides over 30 minutes long, rates and prices if you had more downloads, etc.) please contact us by writing to

Content production: creation of the texts, professional and / or automatic translations and recordings, assembly of the audio guide on the platform

At Audioguíame we offer you a free creation and management website so that you can create, record and manage everything related to your audio guide yourself. Even so, if you see that you do not have time to do it, you can entrust everything to us at very affordable prices, so that your visitors will be able to enjoy your audio guide in a very short time: with the brochures or information you have from your center we will elaborate the texts of the tracks, we will translate and record them with our collaborators in the languages you want, and we will mount the audio guide on our platform so that it is ready to be used.

These are our current offers (all without I.V.A.):



Professional translation into second language

Professional translation into second language Creation of texts**

Creation of texts**

Automatic Recording to Spanish

Professional recording to Spanish Professional translation into second language

Professional translation into second language

Automatic recording into second language Professional recording into second language Automatic Recording to Spanish Professional recording to Spanish
Installation of the audio guide* Installation of the audio guide* Automatic recording into second language

Professional recording into second language

 ———————-  ———————- Installation of the audio guide* Installation of the audio guide*


 830€ 980€ 1180€

You can check the quality of the automatic announcements in the section Demo of audios of our web. If you just want a translation and automatic recording to a language, you have a single price of € 100 per language

*The price for mounting the audio guide may vary depending on whether you have to make photo retouching to the images that the center wants to put in its audio guide

**The price of the Total Production packages may vary depending on the previous information sent by the center to create the texts of the tracks of the audio guide

Application areas reserved for sponsors:

In Audioguíame we have bet that the advertising that can be inserted in our application by a possible sponsor is not invasive. Therefore, there are only three spaces where it can be hosted, and it is the center that creates the audioguide who decides if it offers sponsored, and if so, who would be its sponsor and in what space it places:

  1. Main Banner: It is located at the bottom of the audioguide playback screen and is permanent. In principle it is designed so that the center itself can use it for itself, but you can give it to your sponsor if you prefer.
  2. Secondary banner: This is located on the track downloading screen. It is not permanent and only appears the time that the user is downloading the audioguide.
  3. Geolocation points and info on the map (Only for city audio guides): Your sponsor may appear as a more geolocated point on the map that guides the user through the different audioguide tracks.

Note: any center that wants or has looked for sponsor for your audioguide must communicate it previously to Audioguíame. If a center does not have or has not looked for sponsor for its audioguide, it will be able to have the banners for what it considers appropriate (it can even decide that they do not appear those banners)


Prices for the rest of services:

  • POS and multimedia screens
  • Aesthetic customization of our app

These services are not standard but depend on some factors, so if you want to know the price of any of them, or have any other query on the prices of the platform, write us to, we will be glad to serve you.

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