Audioguiame is thought and prepared so that you can do it and manage it all by yourself from our web space for clients, without having to resort to consultants or experts. If you still have any doubts, you can consult us through the email

Write the texts that will form the tracks of your audioguide

At Audioguiame we think that no one better than you, who works or directs your center daily, can do the audioguide of it.

We know that there is a lot of information on the internet and audio guides created by fans that do not do justice to what a center really wants to show and explain to its visitors, and that this creates confusion. We also know that a guided tour greatly enriches the visitor experience, but we were aware that not all museums and monuments could afford to have one, since there was only the possibility of physical audio guides, tremendously expensive and with a lot of added problems.

That is why Audioguiame is born so that any center can easily create its own audioguide 2.0, adapted to new technologies and downloadable through our application on the mobile devices of visitors, customers or tourists.
And the first step is to write and write what you want to tell your visitors. Take your time, do a test if you want, registering without commitment, this is the essence of your audioguide, and when you have the definitive, record them directly from our website and publish the audioguy to be active.

Record the audios from our website or upload them if you already have them recorded

If you have already written the texts about what you want to tell your visitors from your center, now you just have to record them. Register and you will see how simple it is:

  1. In your personal area, create a new audioguide and add the information of interest (title, image, geolocation, etc.)
  2. Before you start recording, read our recording tips.
  3. Record the tracks that will make up your audioguide using our integrated software.
  4. Do not worry if you make a mistake while recording: If you have followed our recording tips, you will not have to start over every time it happens to you.
  5. A temporary QR code will be generated on the screen so that you can check how the result of the recording is going. Download our Audioguiame app, scan it and download the audioguide tracks on your smartphone as your visitors will hear it.
  6. Tracks are recorded securely on our servers and will always have them available for editing.
  7. If you already have the tracks of the recorded audioguide you will simply have to upload them to our servers.
  8. You can record the audioguide in several languages, with separate editing spaces within the same audioguide.
  9. Configure your audioguide: In this section you can geolocalize your audioguide, decide if you want it to appear in the Close Guides section of our application (so that any user who has your app installed on your device can see that your center has an audioguide with us), choose if the audio guide can be downloaded remotely and configure the download banners.
  10. When everything is to your liking, publish the audioguide so that your visitors can enjoy it.

Publish the audioguide and print the poster with the QR code that is generated

Once you have recorded or uploaded the tracks that make up your audioguide, you just have to publish it so that your visitors can use it.

  1. When you publish your audioguide we will ask you to provide us with a method of payment (you can add it in the Organizations section). The monthly fee we will charge will depend on the downloads, the length of your audioguide and the way you have chosen to offer it to your visitors: free or charging for it. Check our prices if you have any questions.
    • If you have chosen to offer it free of charge, you will be given a unique QR code, which you can print on a poster designed by us, to place it somewhere in the reception area.
    • If you have chosen to charge for it, you will be given as many different QR codes as you need, which can give visitors who pay for the audioguide. You can also merge them into the entry if you want it to be more aesthetic
  2. In both cases, the visitor will only have to enter the QR code to download the audioguide on their mobile device through our Audioguíame app. There are two scenarios:
    • If you already have it installed, it will scan with it and the audioguide will be downloaded automatically.
    • If you do not have it installed, you can scan the QR code with the reader that has all mobile devices installed by default. When you do this, you will be taken to the corresponding market to download Audioguíame app and automatically, once you install it, the audioguy will be downloaded. Also the visitor can go directly to their market, search our application and, once it has installed, scan the QR code to be downloaded the audio guide.
  3. Once they have downloaded the audioguide in our application, they can listen to it through headphones (if they carry them), the earphone (if it is a smartphone), as if it were a phone call, or through the loudspeakers of the mobile device. It is each center that must establish the rules of use.

There is the possibility of visitors downloading the audioguide remotely, if their center does not have an open wifi, taking advantage, for example, of the hotel’s Wi-Fi, but only in cases where their mode of charging implies gratuity for them. Even so, do not worry if you have to download it with the mobile data of your device, the audio guides are compressed in such a way in our servers that the size and the consumption of the download is minimum.