Customizing the application interface

Image customization

If you want a point of distinction and use your corporate image in our application, which is the part of the platform that visitors use and through which they download and listen to their audio guides, we offer the possibility to customize some parts of it, such as such as name, logo or colors.

Advanced customization

All the functionalities you need can be added to the application. The following ones we already have them developed:

  • Augmented Reality from any mobile device
  • Guided Pack: Guided to each point of interest, guided by a personalized route and automatic track playback upon reaching the point of interest
  • Advanced use statistics: by language, by track, etc.
  • Audioguíame InPlace devices: Android devices from the center that can be offered and / or rented to visitors
  • Beacons Bluetooth or Beacons for indoor geolocation
  • Add new languages ​​to the application
  • Sending notifications to the application
  • Purchase tickets from the application
  • Gamification: it would allow games with the user, classifications, prizes.
  • Chatbots: would allow to include a ChatBot to answer questions about the visit.

Translations of texts and recording of audios in Spanish and / or other languages by specialists

In Audioguíame we want to help you, not only to have an audioguide 2.0 for your center, but also to offer it in several languages if you wish. Our team of translators and interpreters will translate and record your audioguide to English, French, German and Italian. If you want to know the offers and packages that we put at your disposal you can see the prices section of our website.

Translations and automated recordings in other languages

If you prefer more affordable translations and recordings, we also provide you with a service that does it automatically, through an external provider. You could also hire only the automatic locution, if you already have the translations; in both cases you will be surprised by its quality, it does not look like a machine. It costs 100 € per language, in a single payment, and includes the translation of the text and the recording. Here are some of the languages we work with:

British English



American English









If you want to know how the quality of these recordings is, you can consult some demos in the audio demo section of the website.

Content production

We can help you in creating, producing and scripting the texts of your audioguide, either by creating them from scratch or by starting with «raw» data provided by the client. In addition we create city guides, guides of gastronomy, of leisure, thematic or of experiences. If you want to know the offers and packages that we put at your disposal you can see the prices section of our website.

Physical audioguides

We complement our audioguides service for mobile devices with traditional physical audioguides, for centers that want to have both formats, and without a minimum number of devices.

Custom TPVs

We have a service of installation and configuration of personalized TPVs that can generate tickets that have incorporated the QR code with which the audioguy is downloaded, and adapted to the modality of collection that you have chosen: free for your customers or charging a small amount for she.

Multimedia screens

We install multimedia information screens with personalized software with which you can display the most relevant information of your center combined with others of general interest (news, weather, etc.).

Assembly and upload of audioguide contents on our platform

Although we have worked hard to make the creation and assembly of the audioguide from our management website as easy and intuitive as possible, we know that there are centers that do not have the time to do it, so they can also charge us the whole process.

For more information about these services or their prices contact us through