1. Web creation and management completely free where you can try to create and record your audioguide, in several languages if you wish, and control the whole process.
  2. Native Android and iOS application in 5 languages with which your visitors can download and listen to your audioguide by simply scanning a QR code (you can download it in the center, from your website or you can send the QR in advance for group visits) . Already available in the markets looking for Audioguiame.
  3. Very tight prices and no competition (regardless of the languages in which it is created): from 49.90 euros per month for 250 downloads for a 30 minute audioguide, with very moderate increases as the number of downloads increases.
  4. You can offer your audio guide for free, look for a sponsor or charge a small amount for it. You will have 3 banners available so you can have them to your liking.
  5. You can record your audioguide in all the languages you want.
  6. Pre-designed download poster A4 and A5 if offered free. Cards with individualised QR if you decide to charge for your audioguide. Integration with online ticketing systems.
  7. Possibility of inserting a promotional video when downloading your audioguide.
  8. Full control of the visibility and way of downloading your audioguide in the Close Guide section of our application.
  9. Photo for each of the tracks.
  10. Button + info to be able to expand the information of each of the tracks, redirecting its visitors to a web page (Wikipedia, Youtube, web of the center, etc.)
  11. Geolocation of tracks and points of interest in a full-screen map and playback of tracks from the map (for outdoor audioguides).
  12. Offline mode, without data consumption, once downloaded the audioguide. Tracks compressed for a minimum consumption download (about 10 MB of data for 30 minutes of audios).
  13. Connect with Facebook and Twitter: your visitors will be able to share the experience of the visit in the social networks directly from the application, which will contribute to improve their visibility.
  14. Satisfaction survey with which to obtain information and data about the visitors and their opinions regarding the visit.
  15. No rentals, no breakdowns, no permanence … total flexibility: you can stay with us as long as you think fit, and publish or unpublish your audioguide according to your needs.
  16. Your visitors can take the audio guide on their mobile devices: ideal for expanding information and school visits.
  17. Integration and visibility in a network of centers around the tourist (tourists, when downloading the application in any other monument or museum, can see who else has audioguide with us)