Francisco José Moreno Llorca

CoFounder & Technical Director

Computer Engineer, with more than 12 years of experience developing projects of a technological nature with a heavy engineering load. Product manager, as well as technical management at all levels and active participation in management tasks.

Manuel Ángel Martínez Morillas

CoFounder & Project and Management Advisor

Graduated in Mathematics, with 17 years of experience in the teaching sector and 5 in the direction of multidisciplinary teams. In charge of the advice to the centers that want to create their audioguías with us, as well as of the commercial direction and the part of management related with strategy, positioning and prices.


In Audioguíame we also have a wide network of collaborators, made up of web and application developers, translators and speakers, tour guides, designers and sound technicians, designed to cover all the needs of the centers that have trusted us and use our platform to create and manage their own audio guides for mobile devices.