If you have already written the texts about what you want to tell your visitors from your center, now you just have to record them and set up your audioguide. Register and you will see how simple it is:

  1. In your personal area, create a new audioguide and add the information of interest (title, image, geolocation, etc.)
  2. Before you start recording, read our recording tips
  3. Record the tracks that will make up your audioguide using our integrated software
  4. Do not worry if you make a mistake while recording: If you have followed our recording tips, you will not have to start over every time it happens to you.
  5. The screen will generate a provisional QR code so that at all times you can check how the result of the recording is going. Download our Audioguiame app, scan it and download the audioguide tracks on your smartphone as your visitors will hear it.
  6. Tracks are recorded securely on our servers and will always be available for editing.
  7. If you already had the tracks of the recorded audioguide you will simply have to upload them to our servers.
  8. You can record the audioguide in several languages, with separate editing spaces within the same audioguide.
  9. Configure your audioguide: In this section you can geolocalize your audioguide, decide if you want it to appear in the Close Guides section of our application (so that any user who has installed our app on your device can see that your center has an audioguide with us) , choose whether the audio guide can be downloaded remotely and configure the download banners.
  10. When everything has been to your liking, publish the audioguide so that your visitors can enjoy it.

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