Before you start recording audio tracks from our website, follow these tips. Keep in mind that the quality of the same will be conditioned by the characteristics of the equipment from which it does and the environmental conditions:

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet and quiet place.
  2. Use headphones with a microphone – they help improve sound quality and reduce background noise.
  3. Use one of our supported browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  4. Do not try to record a complete track at once: our built-in recording software is ready to assist you in recording and minimize the consequences of possible mistakes, you can already make tracks of up to 1 minute in duration that can then be merged into a larger track .
  5. When using the track record option for the first time, be sure to give the page permission in the pop-up window that will appear in the browser.
  6. It is advisable to: Divide the track you want to record in stretches of about 1 minute. Record them in stages, taking the necessary breaks and breaks, listening to the result (remember that you will always have a QR code on the screen to test it), and when you think all the parts are correct, merge them into a single track.
  7. Take your time: recording a complete audioguide is not a matter of a second …. you need planning and peace of mind.
  8. If you are not qualified to do it yourself or you are not convinced the result, please contact us at, we offer you the following alternatives:
    1. Professional and very easy-to-use (free) audio recording and editing software.
    2. Automatic recordings in a multitude of languages at very affordable prices (see prices).
    3. A team of professionals who can do the recordings for you.