Audioguíame is a global platform, made up of a web page and application, which was created to serve all those centers, organizations, institutions and companies that want to create and manage their own audioguides 2.0, and offer them to their visitors or clients so that they can listen to it. on your mobile devices through our Audioguide app.

At Audioguíame we are aware of the importance and added value that a tourism-oriented center can offer a guided tour to its visitors. We also know that many centers that have traditional audioguides would be very interested in being able to offer them in another support more in line with current times and the new devices that the vast majority of visitors come with. That’s why our product is designed to meet all your needs:

  1. Audioguíame: An affordable product (from € 49.90) and quality for those centers that want to create and manage their audio guide themselves, without initial investment investment and paying comfortably, month by month, depending on the number of downloads of your audio guide.
  2. Audioguíame PRO: An exclusive product for those centers that do not want to worry about anything: unlimited downloads of the audioguide, face-to-face training, content production, assembly and management of the audioguide on our own and the possibility of customizing our application.
  3. Audioguíame InPlace: A total product that combines the downloads in the mobile of the visitors with the availability of mobile devices of the center, adapted and with the audio guide ready to be used, which can offer or rent to visitors who do not want or can use yours. Enjoy all the services of Audioguíame and Audioguíame PRO and offer your clients a dual and complete system.

In summary, the Audioguíame project is the perfect tool to create and manage the audioguides of your center and provide added value to it, to be able to offer them through our application for mobile devices. It is also designed so that you and your visitors can do everything in a comfortable, easy and intuitive way and will allow you to integrate into a network of centers, hotels and institutions related to tourism and in direct contact with tourists who visit your city.