In Audioguíame we think that nobody better than you, that works or directs your center daily, can make the audioguide of the same one.

We know that there is a lot of information on the internet and audio guides created by fans that do not do justice to what a center really

wants to show and explain to its visitors, and that this creates confusion. We also know that a guided tour greatly enriches the visitor experience, but we were aware that not all museums and monuments could afford to have one, since there was only the possibility of physical audio guides, tremendously expensive and with a lot of added problems.

That is why Audioguíame is born so that any center can easily create its own audioguide 2.0, adapted to new technologies and downloadable through our application on the mobile devices of visitors, customers or tourists.

And the first step is to write and write what you want to tell your visitors. Take your time, do a test if you want, registering without commitment, this is the essence of your audioguide, and when you have the definitive, record them directly from our website and publish the audioguy to be active.

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